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Indonesia’s beaches manage to hold onto its pristine charm while many high-rise resorts and villas provide the place an urban vibe through north to south. With over 3000 kilometers of silken soft sand shoreline, turquoise waters and unique seascape, visitors will find no two beaches are the same. And even more than that, passing through lush tropical greenery and stunning coastal vistas, locals and savvy travellers can enjoy an entire break in peaceful serenity.

When you think of a beach holiday, put Indonesia on your to-go list. We have listed below some of our best selling beach escape tour, ranging from 3-day to 2-week long of ocean and sky.

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Bandung Family Tour (5D/4N)

The adults can go shopping and cafe-hopping while the kids can enjoy the kid rides at the amusement park.

Bali Getaway Family Tour (4D/3N)

Explore the magical/cultural city of Bali with your family members.

Lombok Family Vacation Tour (4D/3N)

Lombok is one of the best destination and favorite island for a family vacation.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. One important thing to know before you travel to Indonesia is the Indonesia has four different types of visa:Visa Exemption, Visa on Arrival, Visit Visa & Multiple Visit Visa. Each type of visa has specific requirements. You can check the details and Visa & Immigration policy here:

Bahasa Indonesia is the national and official language of Indonesia and is used in the entire country. Most Indonesians also have their own ethnic language and dialect, with the most widely spoken being Javanese and Sundanese. Some ethnic Chinese communities continue to speak various Chinese dialects, most notably Hokkien in Medan and Teochew in Pontianak.

English is not widely spoken in Indonesia. However, an acceptable level of English can be understood in a number of major cities and tourists’ destinations including Bali, Batam, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. Moreover, most hotel and airline staff can also communicate in English on a basic to moderate level. All of our guides/drivers can also speak English.

You could find SIM Card in airports where they held a number of local cell phone company providers booths for you to choose from such as Telkomsel, XL, Smartfren, 3/Tri, Axis, Indosat/IM3, etc. The prices vary for each provider starting from IDR 10,000. 

You can exchange foreign currency in major cities throughout the archipelago at banks and money changers. Most tourists’ resorts have money changer facilities; however, if you are traveling to more remote areas it is advisable to exchange your money beforehand. If you need a large amount of foreign currency, and you don’t have a foreign currency account at your bank, it is best to order the money the day before. Local banks keep a limited amount of foreign currency in their smaller branches.

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