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Trip Highlights:

This 4D3N Sumba Island Open Trip is suitable for travellers who want to explore the hidden gems of Indonesia. Sumba Island has becomes popular over the years and count famous people like David Beckham as its visitors (

Accommodation, transportation, airport transfer and tour guide are all included. Travel with us, discover the heart and soul of Indonesia!

This is an open trip and the available dates are stated below (If you are viewing this on mobile) or on the date picker to the right (if you are viewing this on desktop) 

Price is at SGD$499 per person. 

Trip Itineraries:

Day 1

Day 1: Tambolaka Airport – Bwanna Beach – Tanjung Mareha

  • Pick up at Sumba Tambolaka Airport at 1030am. 
  • Check in to Mario Hotel & Cafe, you will stay here for 2 nights. Have some rest and enjoy lunch in local restaurant.
  • After enjoying your lunch, we will go to Bwanna beach. We will drive about 2 hours from the Tambolaka town to Mbawana Beach, the way to go to Bwanna beach will be super adventurous, it’s a bumpy sandy and dusty road with nice view surrounding. 
  • Upon your arrival in the parking place of Bwanna beach, you should walk down onto the rocky and slippery path for 5 minutes but when you get to the beach, you will be amazed by the smooth sandy beach with its iconic big hollow arc. 
  • After enjoying the picturesque of Bwanna beach, it’s time to go back to our car and we will escort you to Tanjung Mareha for watching the most stunning sunset on this island. When the sun goes down and the darkness comes.
  • After enjoying the sunset in Tanjung Mareha, we will get back to the town for having local dinner before going back to hotel.

Day 2

Day 2: Ratenggaro Village – Weekuri Lake – Mandorak Beach

  • Enjoy breakfast at hotel at around 7am.
  • Drive to Ratenggaro village at about 1 hour. In Ratenggaro village, you will see how the Sumbanese (local people) live at the traditional local house here, their houses are very unique compared to other traditional villages in Indonesia. Then, you still can see the stone age of the cemetery. One more thing, most of the people in Sumba island are Christians and they still keep the oldest style of the religion. But nowadays, some kids try to sell some souvenirs to visitors such as traditional necklaces and bracelets.
  • After enjoying this traditional village, we will escort you to Weekuri Lake. Weekuri lake is a salty lake in which the water comes out from the hole that connects to the Sumba ocean. In Weekuri lake you can swim or just play with the water here even you can do cliff jumping into the lake, but we have to make sure that the water is deep enough. And lunch boxes will be served with our driver and guide there.
  • Afterward, we will drive for 5 minutes to get Mandorak beach, Mandorak beach is a small white sandy beach near Weekuri lake. You will be super amazed by this beach because it’s like a private beach with clear blue water and surrounded by a cliff. Even, when you are brave enough, you could jump from the cliff. 
  • After enjoying this area, we will go to Pero beach to see a wonderful sunset here. After sunset time, we will escort you back to your hotel, have dinner and rest.

Day 3

Day 3:  Lapopu Waterfall – Wairinding Hill – Walakiri Beach

  • Enjoy breakfast at hotel and check out around 7am.
  • Drive around 2 hours to continue our journey to Lapopu waterfall. Along the way, you will see a green hilly area with some villages around where the local children will rise their hand and say hello to you. 
  • Upon you arrival in Lapopu waterfall area, you need to do short trekking about 10 minutes by passing the small path and bamboo bridge. There is a nice spot to sit down where you can watch the water find its way down the hill. You can also bring your swimming clothes to take a dive in the water just in front of the big waterfall and cool down after a long day of adventure. 
  • After enjoying the waterfall, we will drive to Waingapu area for about 3-4 hours. We will stop in Wairinding hill for taking some great photos before we comtinue our adventure too Walakiri beach, to see the most iconic dancing mangrove trees there.
  • Check in to Villa Amidala Waingapu, you will stay here 1 night.

Day 4

Day 4: Sunrise at Tanarara Hill – Waingapu Airport

  • Waking up around 4.30 am and we will drive to Tanarara Hill for about 1 hour. Upon your arrival in Tanarara Hill, you will be amazed with the landscape here. Tanarara Hill is a huge green hilly beautiful landscapes. At the place, you will find the iconic beautiful zig-zag road which is very epic if you could take a photo very well. The sun will rise around 6.20 am here. 
  • After enjoying the sunrise and surrounding around 8-9 am, we will take you back to your hotel, take a shower and check out.
  • You can buy souvenirs and go to Airport. We will drop you off at Waingapu Airport to catch your flight.
  • Our tour ends here.

This program is not exactly what you’re looking for?




The general answer is no as this is an Open Trip and we will follow according to the itenrary. However, if the group can agree and decide, then we are ok to be flexible. 

In general, the period between March till December are the best months to visit Indonesia. This is the period of the dry season. 

With that being said, we recommend customers not to be too bothered by it because you are only here for a few days , it is no guarantee that even if you come in the dry season, it won’t rain or it will always be rainy during the monsoon season. We believe alot is down to luck. December/August are still the peak period of tourist in Indonesia.

We usually try to keep each group to a maximum of 8 people. We believe in the benefits of small group trekking. However, we may have multiple groups of up to 8 during the tour dates. 

The accommodation are listed in the itinerary. The accommodation are about 3-4 star hotels which are clean and nice. 

For this tour, it is preferred that you arrive before 10am on the first day and you depart Sumba Island after 6pm on the 4th day. 

As customers fly in from various places, we would recommend to try to stick to that schedule. 

Talk to us for discounts on the flight if you are booking this tour! 

Nope. The international Air Ticket is not included. 

You can change your preferred currency when you check out:

The date indicated in the list is the first day of the trip. 

You can book directly online and pay using PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer (including PayNow, PayLah etc.

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