Cultural Places You Shall Visit In Indonesia

Wanna have a cultural trip with your friends and family. Take a look at this blog, you would sure find some cultural places you shall visit in Indonesia.


The Buddhist temple of Borobudur is located in central Java and dates way back to the 8th century. Covering an area of around 2500 square metres,  the Borobudur Temple is comprised of three tiers that  symbolise the cosmology of Buddhism of Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu and Arupadhatu respectively. The temple is best viewed during sunrise, when the lighting is just perfect.

Great Mosque of Demak

One of the oldest Mosques in Indonesia and located in Central Java in Demark, the Great Mosque of Demak reveals another fascinating chapter in Indonesia’s religious history. Believed to have been built in the 15th century, the aesthetics of this vast structure highlight key differences between Indonesian mosques and ones usually found in the Middle East, such as the wooden material it is made from, as well as the tiered roof that replaces the iconic Islamic domes. Krakatoa Tours provide travelers with custom tours that can include this stunning mosque, with their guides offering insight into the Islamic history in Indonesia.

Maria Cave in Kediri

This place of worship for Catholic Christians is located in the village of Puh Sarang, District of Semen, Kediri. With an area of about 13 hectares, this cave is one of the places of worship of Christians who have a magnificent and large crossing diorama.

The length of the cross road that is traversed when visiting the pilgrimage is not felt because of the shade of the trees and the nature of the environment around the Cave of Maria Lordes is able to protect the pilgrims from the heat of the sun. This cave that was built in 1998 is a replica of Lourdes Cave in France on a small scale.

Besides the cave, there are 12 showers that symbolize 12 Apostles of Jesus in them. In addition to praying, this shower is also one of the attractions of tourists, because the water can be directly drunk and is said to be efficacious for health and bring good luck.

The Pohsarang Church in Kediri, East Java

Perched at 400 metres above sea level at the foothills of Mt Wilis in East Java province, the Pohsarang Church has indeed a unique structure. It has three entrances: the main one on the side is the largest, a symbol of welcoming devotees to pray. The second is located just in front of the pavilion and leads to the cemetery. And the last one (also smallest) carries the meaning that the path to the Kingdom of God has many hurdles, tests and difficult moments. Romo Jan Wolters was the person who initiated the symbolic features, that were then incorporated into the building by architect Henricus Maclaine Pont in 1936. Using local material and in similar style as the Trowulan Museum in Mojokerto that holds the heritage and history of the great Majapahit Kingdom, this church is truly an iconic treasure that needs to be preserved.

Uluwatu Temple

Built at the edge of a high cliff, it is hard to say whether this place is loved for its dramatic setting and architecture or for the views and sunsets. Both are stunning.

This temple dates back to the 10th century and it is one of the nine temples that are said to protect Bali from evil spirits. It features a Brahmin statue which is considered to be a representation of Dhang Hyang Dwijendra, a Saivite religious figure and a Hindu traveller from the 16th century. The human-shaped statues with elephant heads guard the two temple entrances.

A small gang of monkeys inhabits the temple. You will encounter them on the pathway leading to the main entrance to the temple, so don’t bring anything expensive or shiny which could draw their attention to you – they love to steal from the visitors. 

The Blenduk Church, Semarang

The church which is one of the Dutch relics has been around since 1753 ago. Blenduk Church, Semarang is also one of the landmarks in the Old City of Semarang. The building of this church itself, Neo-Classical style. The Blenduk Church itself has a meaning in Javanese, which is ‘Rounded’ because the Dome Dome of the Church forms like a sphere.

Located on Jalan Letjend Suprapto 32 Semarang, the Blenduk Church has a large dome coated with copper. Classic European style, the whole room in this Church really has a beautiful and stylish interior that is very luxurious. If you are already in Semarang, don’t forget to see the splendor of this Blenduk Church.

Kudus Mosque

Almost all Muslim pilgrims know this popular Islamic pilgrimage destination. Built since 1549, the mosque, which has an architectural influence from Hindu culture, also has a complex with the tomb of Sunan Kudus. He is one of the publishers of Islam in Indonesia which is one of Wali Sanga. Since then, Kudus mosque becomes popular in Indonesia.

During the celebration of Muslims, the mosque is often crowded with pilgrims. The building which is typical of architectural artwork is also very attractive to tourists who visit.

Those are the religious place in Indonesia you should visit someday. Those places above are always full of visitors from year to year. Hopefuly they will be exist long lastly.

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