Where To Go In Ubud, Indonesia

Where To Go In Ubud, Indonesia Ubud is often described as the cultural heart of Bali. It’s common to see a Balinese ceremony during your time in Ubud, which is a special experience to have. Ubud village itself can be quite busy but surrounding Ubud you will find beautiful green seas of rice fields.  This […]

Cultural Places You Shall Visit In Indonesia

Cultural Places You Shall Visit In Indonesia Wanna have a cultural trip with your friends and family. Take a look at this blog, you would sure find some cultural places you shall visit in Indonesia. BOROBUDUR TEMPLE The Buddhist temple of Borobudur is located in central Java and dates way back to the 8th century. […]

Guide To Mount Rinjani

Guide To Mount Rinjani At 3,726 metres above sea level, Mount Rinjani looms large over the entire island of Lombok in Indonesia. Of the 130 volcanoes in the country, Rinjani is the second-highest (topped only by Mount Kerinci on Sumatra). Rinjani’s ominous silhouette is a constant reminder of the powerful forces rumbling just beneath the […]

Guide To Sumba Islands

Guide To Sumba Island Sumba is an island in Indonesia that you’ve most likely never heard of. It’s relatively undiscovered and certainly not geared for tourism. There’s so much more to Sumba Island than what meets the eye: The rugged coastline and exotic beaches. The unique traditions and rich history. The diverse cultures and isolated […]

Guide To Belitung Island

Guide To Belitung Island Here is the guide to Belitung Island. Although not as popular as Bali or Lombok, Belitung is blessed with some of the best beaches of the country. The sand is soft and as white as palm sugar. Some even argue that the sand here is even whiter than that in Bali.  Belitung is also […]

Food Must Try In Indonesia

Food Must Try In Indonesia Indonesia’s rich and plentiful natural produce, herbs, and spices give its people a certain freedom to be resourceful in creating traditional recipes. Not only delicious, but also tell stories about the culture’s customs and history. From the famed Indonesian fried rice to different soups, you should take some time to discover […]

Indonesia Travel Advise

Indonesia Travel Advise Take a look at our Indonesia Travel Advise. Take a look at our Indonesia Travel Advise.In this bog, we would provide some advice by updating you with the latest information of travelling to Indonesia and what are the tourism attractions which are reopened.  For more information, please visit indonesia.travel. List of Reopened […]

Guide To Raja Ampat

Guide To Raja Ampat Far from the view-blocking skyscrapers, dense and hectic concrete jungles, congested traffics, flickering electric billboards, endless annoying noises, and all the nuisances of modern cities, you will find a pristine paradise where Mother Nature and warm friendly people welcome you with all the exceptional wonders in Raja Ampat, the islands-regency in West […]

5 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting Indonesia

5 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting Indonesia The city of Surabaya in East Java is not as famous on the tourist trail as other places in thecountry. As well as being the second-largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, it is also one of the essential parts of the country historically. […]

What have to Take Note When Travelling Abroad

What Have To Take Note When departing and arriving at Singapore We have listed what have to take note when departing and arriving at Singapore​. Now is a hard time for everyone. Lief has been severely affected by this global pandemic virus – Covid-19. Travelling abroad has been made difficult to prevent the spread of […]