A Guide to Island Hopping in Belitung

Belitung is a tiny island paradise in Indonesia, located in the middle of Singapore and Jakarta. It only takes an hour and a half to get to this island — which provides the perfect opportunity for a weekend vacation!

So if you are heading to this island and are looking for things to do … you should note that Belitung is composed of smaller islands to explore. It’s no wonder the island has been termed the “Maldives of Indonesia.” With that in mind, you shouldn’t miss out on island-hopping while you’re here!

For this reason, we have compiled a series of islands for you to venture to! Think of it as your one-stop guide to island-hopping in Belitung.

1. Leebong Island/Pulau Leebong

The first on our list is Leebong Island! Located in the southwestern part of Belitung, this island is renowned for its natural beauty. It spreads across 37 hectares of land and is home to sandy white beaches and lush greenery. Amongst nature, you can appreciate the sense of calm the island offers. This is especially since Leebong’s waters rips gently onto its white banks — unlike Bali’s raging ones! Hence, when the tide is low, you will be able to take a peek at the hidden marine life.

Other activities on the island include:

  • Paddleboarding 
    First time on a standing paddleboard? It might be difficult maintaining your balance. However, once you have that sorted, you should be paddling around the beach in no time. And if you do get tired, just lie down on the board and enjoy the sun!
  • Kayaking
    Dislike the prospect of standing up while paddling? Grab a life jacket and take a seat in the island’s single or double-seated kayak instead! Then, you can circle around the island or challenge your friends to a race. If you’re worried about the currents, it’s relatively not strong enough to wash you away!
  • Swimming
    Stick to the basics and simply dip into the sea in Leebong. In fact, night swimming is one of the best things to do here! When the sun sets, it’s where the tide is highest. Thus, they’ve set up lights for those who would like to swim under the stars! You’ll be relieved to know there are no predators in the waters as well.

You can check out other activities you can do on the island here.

leebong island belitung

Photo by @melissamai on Instagram

2. Pasir Island/Pulau Pasir

Second is Pasir Island, which literally translates to “Sand Island.” Essentially, that is what the island is — a sandbank. It only appears in the morning, during the low tide and becomes submerged in the afternoon. Like Leebong Island, Pasir Island is not short of sea creatures! There are many starfishes strewn across its banks. Even if there is a tide, the waters surrounding the island are crystal clear!

As Pasir Island is a crowd-favourite, you might have to share the small island with other visitors!

pulau pasir belitung

Photo by @armedian_ on Instagram

3. Burung Island/Pulau Burung

In the northern part of Belitung Island is where you can find our next island! Burung Island or Pulau Burung is another small island surrounded by clear waters and golden sands. Unlike the islands mentioned earlier, there are granites found on this island. Notably, there is one that is shaped like a bird’s head. Hence, why the island is called “Burung,” which means “Bird.”

If you do snorkel or walk around these granites barefoot, do be wary of sharp corals and mussels! Huh — you can snorkel here? Yes, you can! And, you might just catch a glimpse of clownfishes or other attractive marine animals!

burung island belitung

Photo by @ahmadfahmia on Instagram

4. Lengkuas Island/Pulau Lengkuas

Next up is Lengkuas Island, also known as, Pulau Lengkuas! Located north of Tanjung Binga Village, the island is home to an iconic lighthouse. It was built in 1882 by the Dutch and is still in-use to provide guidance to ships! To preserve the lighthouse’s condition, visitors must wash their feet with fresh water. This is because it is made of steel, and seawater causes steel to corrode. Regardless, the hassle’s worth it in the end! At the peak, you get a 360-degree view of its surroundings!

Other than visiting the lighthouse, most visitors like to dive, eat grilled fish, and drink coconut juice at Lengkuas Island!

lengkuas island belitung

Photo by @ciawardhana on Instagram

5. Kelayang Island/Pulau Kelayang

Last but not least is Kelayang Island. In fact, it’s been said to be the “beautiful island” of Belitung. Unlike the other four islands, Kelayang’s charm lies in its magnificent rock formations and caves. If you venture to the right one, you might just grab a superb shop #forthegram! Just check out the shot below:

kelayang island belitung

Photo by @dfitriani31 on Instagram

To conclude, don’t forget to pack essentials for your island-hopping adventures! Do bring along plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, and a change of clothing — especially if you plan on swimming. Of course, don’t forget to remember to dress appropriately for the occasion as well!

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