13 Reasons Why You
Should Visit Bandung!

Located near Jakarta, Bandung is a dream destination for a great holiday in Indonesia. The recipe to any great trip includes an unforgettable experience — from fun activities to Instagram-worthy spots, Bandung doesn’t fall short of any of these! It is, after all, coined the ‘Paris of Java.’

Here are 13 reasons why you should visit this city!

1. Spice up your wardrobe at various locations like Rumah Mode Factory Outlet and Ciwalk Mall

Bandung has an array of factory outlets where you can go all out on shopping, like the Rumah Mode, Secret and Heritage Factory outlets. There are a variety of items that you can purchase here at a range of prices. From clothes to souvenirs, you might just find your luggage filled to the brim after a shopping haul. Furthermore, when your legs tire from all that shopping, you can grab a bite at the food/snack stores or restaurants available. 

Other areas you can head to upgrade your wardrobe include Jalan Cihampelas, also known as “Jeans Street” and Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) Mall. The latter even houses a kids playground!


Photo by Am Taufik on Unsplash

2. Marvel at the city’s natural beauty! Go sightseeing at Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah Putih and more

Sightseeing in this city will never be boring. You’ll likely drop your jaws at the sheer beauty of Bandung’s nature attractions, which includes the likes of mountains, lakes and craters. Therefore, we strongly recommend visiting these attractions when you visit Bandung:

  • Tangkuban Perahu, a stratovolcano shaped distinctly like an overturned boat. As it’s a popular tourist attraction, you can find locals selling souvenirs and local dishes around the crater. 
  • Kawah Putih, also known as the White Crater, is a stunning crater lake that you shouldn’t miss! The colour of its water changes from bluish to whitish green- or even brown, depending on its surroundings.
  • Patenggang Lake which Bandung locals claim to be the most beautiful lake of the Sundanese region. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery consisting of tea and strawberry plantations and a nature reserve. It is also said that a large rock (dubbed Batu Cinta, or Love Rock) by the lakeside was the site of reunion of two lovers, who were separated by war. 
  • Tebing Gunung Hawu, a towering limestone mountain with a huge hole in the middle that looks like a stove hole. Hence, its name, “Hawu” which means stove in Sundanese. For thrill-seekers, you can chill out (or get that Instagram shot) on one of the hammocks on the mountain.

Photo by Ann Espino on Flickr

3. Visit a historic site, Stone Garden Citatah, where ancient human remains were uncovered

Another great area to go sightseeing in Indonesia would be Stone Garden Citatah. It is a prehistoric park that is known for its rock formations. Fossils found in the area indicate that these rocks were formed approximately 30 million years ago! At the peak of its highest rock, Puncak Panyawangan, you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the park, as well as the mining activities nearby. Activities available here that are offered through Indiana Camp involves high elements such as sitting on a hammock or chair resting on high spots, rock climbing and zip lining.

In the northern part of Stone Garden Citatah, you will get to explore Goa Pawon (Pawon Cave.) Back in the year 2000, the cave made headlines as ancient human skeletons were unearthed here! Apart from human remains, other artefacts like wooden tools, pottery and weapons made of stone have also been excavated.

goa pawon bandung

Photo by @kwanpost on Instagram

4. Soak up the goodness of Ciater Hot Spring

Loosen up your muscles and release some of that tension in the small pools available at Ciater Hot Spring! As there are volcanoes nearby, the mineral spring pools here are heated by them. Besides relaxing, you can also dine, play tennis and camp in the area! The grounds are a host to various restaurants, tennis courts and a camping spot.

ciater hot spring bandung

Photo by Puteri Gunung

5. Experience shopping at a floating market in Lembang

Once used for fishing, the Situ Umar Lake has transformed into  Floating Market Lembang —  you may be familiar with the term if you’ve been to Thailand! Floating markets, as the name suggests, are essentially where you can enjoy local delights sold from vendors on little boats. Above all, no two vendors sell the same delicacies, so prepare to be delighted by the wide variety of food and beverages! After exploring the market, you can also head to the massage areas, restaurants and souvenir stores around the area.

floating market lembang bandung

Photo by Michelle Franc Lee

6. Appreciate some art at Lawangwangi Art Gallery and Selasar Soenaryo Art Space

Chill out a little and feast your eyes on some amazing art pieces at the Lawangwangi Art Gallery and Selasar Soenaryo Art Space! The former is one of the largest and most popular art galleries in Bandung. Since 2012, there have been loads of renowned local and international artists that have exhibited their work at the gallery. 

On the other hand, the latter is a non-profit organisation that plays a key role in the arts and cultural landscape of Indonesia. It essentially is an open, free space for the public to enjoy the arts. The Art Space is host to a Permanent Collection of masterpieces by Indonesian artists, as well as works by emerging artists.

In short, you can prepare to appreciate some great art (and take VSCO-esque photos for your Instagram feed!

lawangwangi art gallery bandung

Photo by Lawangwangi Art Gallery

7. Go stargazing at Warung Daweung

Located in Bukit Moko, Warung Daweung is a gem known mostly to the locals. This restaurant sits at the top of the hill, where you can sit amongst the stars, huddled over a warm fire. (Seems like a good opportunity to have some quality heart-to-heart, no?) You will also enjoy, from a bird’s eye perspective, the city laid out in front of you.

warung daneung sunset

Photo by Lanang Lintang on 360cities

8. Feast on local cuisines served in Pinisi Resto and Rumah Stroberi

Here are another two places with unique dining experiences that might pique your interest. First up is Pinisi Resto, which overlooks Patenggang Lake and the glamping area nearby. The restaurant would catch your eye immediately, considering its shape as a boat! On top of local dishes, they also serve international cuisines.

Likewise, the other location, Rumah Stroberi Organic Farm and Lodge also serves both Indonesian and international cuisines at their restaurant. Literally translated, Rumah Stroberi means “Strawberry House.” After dining, you can head to their strawberry farm to pick your own berries! They also offer to teach how to grow these plants. In their organic garden, Taman Pangan, they also grow tomato, cherry, lettuce and vegetables. Crazily enough, there are also numerous fun activities such as riding the flying fox or the ATV that you can do in the area.


Photo by @wisataalambandung

9. Learn the origins of the most expensive coffee in the world at Luwak Coffee Plantation

If you’re not a coffee enthusiast, here’s a fun fact: Coffee Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. The reason? Well, you should really head to the Luwak Coffee Plantation to fully understand the process. Located in the same area, there are tea plantations nearby as well. So if you ever were curious about the makings of these beverages, you will get your answers at these places!

tea plantation
10. Unleash your inner child as you explore Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park

Trans Studio Theme Park in Bandung is one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world! Here, you can set aside your worries of gloomy weather and have all the fun you want. The theme park is divided into three themes. Namely:

  • Studio Central, that has an old Hollywood theme, complete with performers playing iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.
  • Lost City, for the adventure seeker, where there are challenges such as having to rescue the in-house TV crew in the jungle.
  • Magic Corner, a fantasy-like area that holds attractions such as Dragon Raiders and Dunia Lain, which translates to Different World.

Photo by Trans Studio Bandung

11. In Ranca Upas, get up and close with deers

Ranca Upas in Ciwidey is a large camping site near Kawah Putih that boasts a deer conservation center, a pool filled with hot spring water and outdoor paintball facilities. Other than Japan’s Nara Park, can you name any other places where you can openly interact with deers? Seize this rare opportunity to feed the (rather tame) deers with carrots as you enjoy the fresh, albeit chilly, air in the conservatory center! The carrots can be purchased at the entrance of the park, so you don’t have to worry about lugging vegetables over to appease the deers.

ranca upas bandung

Photo by @visualdiaree on Instagram

12. At Lereng Anteng, bask in the light as the sun sets

Located on the slope of a hill, enjoy the magnificent view of the sun setting at Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee! This eatery is the perfect way to end your evening with its cozy tables and local food to satisfy your cravings. At the same time, you can jump on the opportunity to take a few shots to add to your aesthetic Instagram feed!

lereng anteng bandung

Photo by Annisa

13. Venture into Instagram heaven when you visit Kota Mini and Dago Bakery

Speaking of Instagram, these spots should definitely not be missed out in your journey!

At Kota Mini Lembang, located near the Floating Market mentioned earlier, you get to experience a holiday within a holiday. The mini town will take you to the other side of the globe with its vibrant European-inspired architecture and gardens. It’d be a waste not to fish out your cameras here! Marvel at the quaint houses that line the town, which are cafes, cooking schools, gift shops and more in disguise! If you’re a cat-lover, you will absolutely adore the Kota Mini Cat House. Though, if prefer teddy bears, they do have a bear house too! To complete the experience, you can also rent gorgeous Holland-inspired costumes.

The next location probably takes the cake in terms of aesthetics. Dago Bakery Punclut is a three-storey restaurant that’s extremely popular due to to its amazing architecture. Without a doubt, the iconic castle that sits on the open deck of the restaurant is one of the best parts of the eatery. (For potterheads, it might just remind you of a mini Hogwarts.) Nevertheless, other areas of Dago Bakery are equally Instagrammable — it really is beautifully designed place!

kota mini bandung

Photo by @reginaads_ on Instagram

And that concludes the reasons why you should visit this interesting city! Already feeling tempted to journey to Bandung? Book a tour with us and leave all the (head-ache inducing) planning to our hands! Click here to view tours available.

However, if you’d like to venture to other areas of Indonesia, you can browse other destinations like Bintan, Belitung, or Yogyakarta on our website. Do check out our other blogs too!

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